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Fresh Intentions Campaign

The Fresh Intentions campaign was based on the idea that New Years resolutions are often a set up for failure.

We chose to give our client Fresh Express a messaging platform that could be expanded across multiple mediums and show that they care about the health and wellbeing of their customers. 

The line Fresh Intentions was created in a hand written typeface to reflect writing in a journal.  


The pages on the right are a sampling of one of the E-books we created. We featured social media influencers who intern featured our a wink and a nod to our book. We called that a win win.

•2022 FEX RECIPE BOOK-cover.png
•2021 FEX RECIPE BOOK.4.png
•2021 FEX RECIPE BOOK.5.png
•2021 FEX RECIPE BOOK-.2.png
•2021 FEX RECIPE BOOK.3.png
•2021 FEX RECIPE BOOK.1.png
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